Disability Quote Insurance

P R O D U C T     S O L U T I O N S

Individual Disability Insurance

Individual Disability Insurance replaces a portion of your clients income if they experience a disabling effect that leaves them too sick or hurt to work.

Buy - Sell Expense

Disability Insurance used to fund buy-sell agreements in the event of an owner's disability.

Supplemental Disability Insurance

Individual Disability Insurance can be used to supplement group LTD coverage. Commonly used to correct reverse discrimination issue for highly compensated employees who are limited by their Group LTD maximums.

Business Overhead Expense

Business Overhead Expense coverage reimburses a business owner for most business expenses incurred while disabled, ensuring employees get paid and the doors to the business remain open. 

Key Person

Disability Insurance designed to protect business owners from the negative financial impact resulting from the disability of a key employee.

Retire Secure

Disability Insurance designed to continue contributions to retirement plans in the event of a disability.

Bank Loan Indemnification

Disability Insurance policies that indemnify a bank loan in the event the loaner becomes disabled.

High Excess Limits

Additional disability insurance for higher compensated individuals who have reached the maximum coverage limits obtainable from traditional carriers.

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